Congressman Perry Visits

U.S. Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA) came to the clinic with Celebrity Chef Andre Rush in September 2020 to get a more detailed look at SGB. Congressman Perry has introduced legislation (HR 5648 TREAT PTSD Act) to direct the VA to offer SGB as a treatment option to veterans. Chef Rush, a veteran himself, is a strong proponent, having had the SGB reduce his own symptoms of PTSD.

How Medal of Honor Vet Dakota Meyer Treats His PTSD

Joe Rogan Experience
October 2019

PTSD: Treat the Epidemic in Our Ranks

Proceedings (Journal of the Naval Institute Press) November 2019

This is an excellent and very readable source for the background and development of the use of SGB for PTSI.

By Colonel Sean Mulvaney, Medical Corps, U.S. Army (Retired)


SGB injection shows promise for PTSD treatment

CBS Morning Show
November 2019

A groundbreaking new study may have the answer doctors have been looking for to treat post- traumatic stress disorder. According to the report, a drug injection treatment known as SGB reduced symptoms by roughly twice the rate of a placebo. The experimental procedure was profiled by “60 Minutes” and Bill Whitaker in June. Dr. Tara Narula reports


SGB: A possible breakthrough treatment for PTSD

60 Minutes
June 2019

Bill Whitaker and producer Heather Abbott interviewed Dr. Mulvaney and reported on ground-breaking medical research on Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) to help veterans and citizens grappling with PTSD.


Injections Found to Successfully Treat PTSD Symptoms in Veterans

Wall Street Journal
November 2019

By Ben Kesling

A few anesthetic injections to the neck can reduce the effects of PTSD, promising to open up new avenues of treating troops and veterans suffering from combat trauma, a new study shows.

The multimillion-dollar Army-funded effort was the first to test how injections commonly used to treat arm pain and shingles might be used to treat troops with post-traumatic stress disorder. Researchers found statistically significant evidence that the injections alleviate the sometimes-debilitating symptoms of past trauma.

“Now we have a strong study with the highest level of evidence that shows that [this treatment] can really help PTSD symptoms,” said Dr. Sean Mulvaney, a study co-investigator who is a former Navy SEAL and retired Army colonel. “With this study we’re showing clear efficacy.” ETC.


Effective New Treatment for PTSD

Proceedings Podcast
November 2019

Dr. Mulvaney talks with Captain Bill Hamblet, USN (retired) and editor of the prestigious Proceedings journal on a podcast which talks about the latest research and history of the treatment of PTSD with SGB.